Changing the Way the Game is Played

Patrick Norton has been innovating and inspiring those around him his entire life, from his middle-class family upbringing in Santa Clarita to UCLA athletics to a professional football career on several different continents. Through adversity and the ability to continually rediscover paths to new success, Pat has grown Norton Consulting into a cutting-edge firm.

In 2008 during the financial meltdown on Wall Street, Pat realized his true gift in the business world was to guide financial advisory firms to more sustainable models for long-term success. With extensive experience in business and insurance, he has the ability to connect at a very high level and quickly identify new opportunities across a variety of marketplaces. A common response from clients is that, “Pat just gets it.”

Pat’s motto has been the same throughout his life on and off the field- “Work harder than everyone else around you and play fast.” He has brought that same level of passion and intensity to Norton Consulting to help financial advisors build out their strategic resources and optimize their futures.

As a successful young leader in the insurance industry, Norton Consulting delivers a unique perspective on how to strategize, market and grow your business.  Pat can help you thrive in any market type no matter how many obstacles are present.

  • Practical, information packed training
  • Extensive resources at your disposal
  • Advanced marketing & planning strategy
  • Training to meet your specific goals